Hello Chummer

If you are here, then you are much like the rest of us who find their way in my bar – desperate.
What brought you here doesn’t really matter, I don’t care. Maybe rent’s due. Maybe you need to pay for your sick sister’s surgery. Maybe you owe someone money and they’re going to break your legs. I’ve heard about a thousand different sob stories and I’ll hear another thousand before I retire from this line of work, I bet.

You need money. Lucky for you, I know people who need jobs done.

You probably have your own idea of what it means to run the shadows. Good, remember those romantic pictures. You’re going to do things that will make you glad you still have those little memories.

You’re going to break into places. But the rent will be paid.
You’re going to kill a person or two. But you’ll be able to eat.
More realistically, you might even do some menial stuff, deliver this to this guy. We don’t all start off crashing into megacorps to steal secrets. You need to build a reputation first.

If you’re good, the work will keep coming.
If you’re not, you’ll probably be off the streets soon enough, though it remains to be seen how.

That’s not the part I play. I just set you up with the rope to hang yourself with.
Welcome to Charleston, kid.

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